Interview with Nikki Howard

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(C+P) Allow me to introduce you to Nikki Howard, this week’s featured swimsuit model. Nikki is a model and actress, with a passion for fitness. Let’s see what makes Nikki in such high demand!

What is your full name, age, and current occupation?
Nikki Howard, 22, Model/Actress

How did you first get into modeling?
My mom was a model, and when I was younger I would look through her portfolio and just admire her beauty. When I was 16, I got my first modeling job in Miami and it started from there!

If you didn’t have a career in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?
I’d definitely do something in the fitness industry; I’d probably be a fitness instructor or personal trainer. I spend so much of my time not only working out, but researching fitness and diet. It’s something I find extremely interesting and I’d love to be able to help people reach their goals. Plus, I’d get to work out and get paid at the same time!



I see you do some acting. Which do you enjoy more, acting or modeling?
They’re both very different. I love modeling because I really love the ability to evoke emotion out a person with just a single image but my passion is acting. To me, making people laugh is the best thing in the world.

What do you like doing in your down-time?
I live in Venice Beach so on my days off I go to the gym, then I head straight to the beach. I’m either surfing or just laying in the sand listening to music and zoning out. I love being outside of the chaos of LA so I only ever leave Venice if I have to work.

You have a fantastic body, what do you do to stay in shape?
Staying in shape is a huge part of my life. Some people have a naturally slim body and lose weight and tone up quickly; I’m not one of those people! I do heavy cardio like biking, stairs, or kickboxing 6 days a week, coupled with three days of weight training. I have the most incredible trainer, Eddie Palmer who kicks my ass twice a week when we do legs. For me, its all about finding the right balance between cardio, weight training and diet and always mixing it up so my body doesn’t get used to anything.



What’s your favorite cheat-day treat?
This is a hard one. I love food. Any sort of meat, carb or sweets. I’ll take a giant burger or a slice of cake any day of the week. Once in a while I’ll splurge but because my body isn’t used to eating such heavy food, it usually ends up with me on the floor asleep shortly after devouring my meal. Totally worth it.

If there were one think you could change about yourself, what would it be?
I would be less critical of myself. As a model, your job is your appearance. People will tell me “you’re so unique looking” and 5 minutes later I go to a casting and am surrounded by girls who not only look very similar to me, but are skinnier than I am, taller than I am, have better hair then I do, bigger boobs than I do…etc. It’s hard not to go home and beat yourself up about how you “should” look. I’m working on just doing the best I can and being the best version of me I can be.

What and/or where was your favorite booking?
My favorite booking… I loved being on Tosh.0. I’m a huge fan so just to work aside Daniel Tosh was really cool.

You must get a lot of attention from the guys, what’s the best (or craziest) pick up line you have gotten?
Oh man, I’ve gotten so many awesome pick up lines I can’t help but laugh. I was once driving to an audition and was stopped at a red light. The guy in the car next to me asked me to roll down my window and said “Excuse me, can you give me directions…to wherever you’re going.” Another good one was a few weeks ago when I was walking down the Santa Monica promenade and had my headphones in. A kid tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey! You dropped something.” So I took my headphones out and he just said “It was the start of this conversation…” I just couldn’t help but laugh. Gotta respect the creativity.

Nikki is a stunning beauty with a fabulous figure. She is also very down to earth and has a great sense of humor. If you’re on the beach in Venice, make sure to come up with something original and fun if you want a chance to have a conversation!



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